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1.  Why do we have a Home Owners Association?

As a community we have legal responsibilities to perform and a HOA is the legal entity established to ensure the responsibilities are completed.  As a result, our whole community benefits by having one of the best looking neighborhoods in Mill Creek.

2.  Why do we have to pay annual dues?

We have common areas and assets to maintain and administration costs to run the HOA.

3. How do I find out annual HOA dues amount and due date? 

Although not required, the HOA does currently provide two courtesy notifications in early January of each year.  One is on the “Pay Dues” page of this website and the other is in the dues statement mailed to each homeowner.  Additionally you can also call our Property Manager to get this information.  Each homeowner is ultimately responsible for payment of their dues on time.  Lack of receiving notification for any reason is not justification for missing the dues payment deadline.

4.  How do I contact the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is comprised of five volunteer residents of The Parks.  The Architectural Control Committee is also staffed by volunteers.  Day-to-day management and support for the Association and Board is provided on a fee basis by a property management company, Washington Business Services, LLC, who is the HOA central point of contact. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Us form on the contact page to send an email to the property manager and the board of directors for a prompt response.

5.  I received a notice that my home needs painting within 30 days however, the weather is bad and not a good time to paint. What should I do?

If your home needs painting but the weather is bad you should respond to the notice in a timely manner (Within the 30 days allowed). Next you should submit your paint application form (Application for Approval, Architectural Modification/Addition/Improvements .pdfto the ACC to get approval of your paint colors (even if you’re not changing colors) and in your application state the time frame that you intend to paint. This will prevent you from receiving another notice and avoid potential fines.


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